You’re loving

Being through thick and thin, believing.                                       

Holding hands, blushing.               

Down the sloppy road, smiling.

You’re amazing

Standing as my pillar, strengthening

A pat on my back when I need one, encouraging

A call and you’re there, available

You’re GEMINI, my twin

Smart as hell, we are

Humourous, man of the year

Rebellious, sin in the air

Sweetest but unpredictable

Mind reading, so dangerous

Loyal till the end, fabulous

Am stupid: let u go

Had too much ego

Dint think of tomorrow, only now

Accounts for why I took a bow

Can’t be sorry, deed is done

moved on, so sure

Still happiness unassured

Am sorry….

Miss my twin, please come back

Growth…can’t turn back

Clothe me in your warmth

Satisfy my every desire but not my lust

Build back the walls, also the trust

Won’t leave again, 

Without you am lost

Shout out to all Geminis but sorry they’ll never have a twin like you.


Open letter to my boyfriend.

You are my first, I’m sure you know that

Reason I wonder why you treat me like trash

Think ure doing a great job but when I think about us, I feel so odd.

Still love you, dunno why 

Cos each time we just have to try

When u’d decide to acknowledge me, adore me like a queen

Faraway, out the door. Staying away for long, by then it’ll be done.

Hurting not part of the deal

Keep my heart, protect my seal 

Swept off my feet, no longer in your seat

Fanfare, carnivals, parties for my sake cos I am now his dame

My Sister’s Love

Yeah! He hit the spot, real hard I guess….

It was the first time I got to meet him cool, calm, suave was his thing.              Dint take a minute for me to be impressed, yes! I remembered mine and was depressed.                                   Talking opened my eyes to so much, wish I were the one who hit the jackpot.                                                       My sister, Oh! My sister, I went on behalf of my sister. It was a normal day but felt like easter.                            He is in love with her, I could see it in his eyes.Damn!! Talking about her made his temperature rise.                     The most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life. At that moment, I wished my life was a lie.

Little one its okay”, so I said from within, these guys would always come in between.                                     Am super happy for her, yes for my sister. Been on her cheer team since, so much clapping almost giving me a blister.                                                      Love  like never before, walking on the beach,sand in my feet.                     Don’t take it to another place cos this right here can never be cheap.             God bless beautiful mom, she did a good job. When next I see her, amma give her my longest hug😀                                        

Love, I leave you again…..

My dear, I leave you. Love, I leave you again.
You have been my pillar, a pillar which I did not deserve.
I have hurt you, countless times but you did not leave me.
Now I can’t bear this shame so I leave you.
I go away from you with my insecurities.
Life has taught me so many lessons, lessons that have made me treasure you less.
Lessons that have made me appreciate you less.
I pray you find happiness and forget your pain.
I pray you succeed and erase me from your brain.
The problem is not you, it’s me.
I free you, I let you go.
Goodbye my love, I hope we never meet again.

It made me Smile… By Gr

In her garden of red roses, the river of appetite and taste flow so deep into an ocean of many other creatures,
With the fence of a successful forester, she painted it white to brighten it up,
This beauty can’t wait to be seen by those who love her.
Her beauty told ambiguous stories, It curses, it comforts, it whispers, it welcomes,
It’s the ultimate cure to a lovers heart.
With a pretty umbrella, she secures roses ready to meet visitors with a good or bad heart.