Fighting with myself

I’ve not written any thing for months now and I must confess I have so much to say. It’s been a long time and as usual I’ll have something to say to defend myself “I was sick and had exams to write” SO?

Am so guilty. I can feel the guilt moving up to my throat. These past months have not been easy but that does not justify what so ever reason I can advance for stopping to do one of the things that keeps me sane.

Just from reading some posts made by an amazing blogger or rather two phenomenal bloggers. I must confess it has given me the chills. Know what? I’ll start writing again. I’ll try to scribble down my thoughts everyday with the hope of getting better with time. And oh!!!! I want to thank #kamgahasablog and #lonelyblueboy. You guys rock!!!!


If and only If.

What if am born again?
What if am given a second chance to come into this world as the very me.?
What if I am given a chance to start all over again?
Then I am sure I will not make the same mistakes.
I will do better than I did before,
I will love my neighbour more than myself,
The sky will be my springboard,
We all make this same wish everyday but I tell you what,
Life is only now, not the future, not the past,
The only thing we can do is to make the best out of it, be the best we can be, live it to the fullest.
After all, we know life has no duplicate.
That’s just the way it is.