Street vendors :A whole new level.

For weeks now I have been seeing these boxes and I discovered that it’s dotted all over town. Taking a close look, it’s obvious that it’s a food box and the menu of what they offer has been displayed on the boxes and the prices are very affordable. Nevertheless, Noble lunch different from other food sale points in that they do home delivery and also costumers do not eat there. Considering the society in which we live where houses are not numbered this is going to be a real hassle.



Equally bearing in mind the dangers of consuming Street food, noble lunch receives a plus for super hygienic conditions in the way the food is handled.


Don’t Judge a car by its looks.

“Wonders shall never end” . That statement has been uttered by so many due to one thing to another. Anyways, I woke up this morning, took a taxi to school and on my way encountered something that got me thinking. Well, the brakes of the car failed. I was shocked because the car seemed to be in good shape. This is not something new as old and depreciated cars are seen to constantly ply the main roads of Buea.


I believed the officials in charge have been doing so much to ensure that cars ply the goods in good conditions. It however seems that drivers have also been using unorthodox methods to keep their cars running on the roads. Some of the drivers have resulted in repainting which gives a false impression of the car being new. This is one of the reasons why one should not judge a book by its cover,or rather a car by its appearance.

We need Innovations and Renovations in Buea.

Few years back during the presidential couples visit in Buea to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Cameroon’s reunification, Buea was given a new look. Prior to this occasion, the main roads of the town were beautifully tarred, with zebra crossings introduced. Even though the raised path that was built in the middle of the road that facilitated crossing was removed,the new zebra crossings did the job well.
It has been about two years since that visit and now most of this road markings have wiped off. As a result, pedestrians cross at dangerous points of the road as there is marking to guide them.
I thought the high standard which was given to the town was going  to be maintained by those involved but it is however not the case. Especially considering the fact that Buea is a historic town and served as the first capital of British Cameroons. Let’s restore the beauty of the Legendary City.

Weldone Maggi!!!!!!!!

Traders of the Buea Town market have today received new aprons as gifts from the MAGGI company which is a firm under Nestlé . This is one of the many gifts which they usually receive from the company as a token of their appreciation.
One of the peculiar reasons why they are gifted aprons, is to promote hygiene among these women. This comes as a result of their occupation which involves handling foodstuffs like potatoes, oil, tomatoes and others that have a tendency of smearing on their dresses. Fortunately, the provision of these aprons help to keep these traders looking clean after the day’



It’s not the first time they are receiving these aprons but they are so happy with the changes Maggi is making as the aprons are always fashioned to suit them as they hustle to put food on their plates.
These women equally express their loyalty and appreciation of the brand that always strives to ensure that costumers are comfortable.
Other gifts which they also receive include :Nido milk, Maggi arome, bowls, buckets and many others. All this in a bid to concur with the saying that “With Maggi, every woman is a Star”.

And life goes on…..

I am Rigo Rashilda and I am human. I guess I expected so much from my self that I actually forgot that I am human and that making mistakes is part of the growing up process. I have done so much harm which I am aware of but one thing I’ve learnt is that no matter what, saying I’m sorry is no big deal and it fixes it all.
I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…….
That’s all it takes for everything to go back to normal. That’s all it takes for one to live with a clear conscience. Saying sorry does not take off any part of one’s being nor devalue you. In fact, we have nothing to loose. It’s only after we apologise that we realise that, that was all that person needed to hear. After all, life still goes on. No matter what, it’s the only thing that does not remain stagnant. As we live life which is a one time opportunity, I pray we become wiser as the days go by.

Switching roles….

For a long time now, feminists have raised so many issues which affect the woman and has caused her to be disadvantaged when compared to the man. Some of these issues include gender based violence, patriarchy, cultural norms and a lot more. They have pointed out that these have to be corrected so that women can have access to the opportunities and privileges that men enjoy.
It’s no news that the society considers the woman’s place to be in the kitchen, taking care of the children, doing house chores to ensure that the home is balanced and functions smoothly. Boys on the other hand are raised to perform breadwinning activities in order to provide financially for their families. So, they are made to belief that cooking is a “taboo” for them.
In today’s world this is not the case as men and women are seen to be switching roles. Women now have the opportunity to be pilots, engineers and men even take up courses to qualify as chefs. I am happy with this, reason why I wasn’t shocked when I saw this…



This is just to let all those who still strongly believe in the “boys don’t belong in the kitchen” to think twice. After all nobody was born to do a particular thing. What the society considers to be a male’s or a female’s duty(gender roles), is just a social construct and can be deconstructed.
Gender equality is a concept that has been misunderstood. It is simply the right for men and women to have a similar status, responsibilities, and participation. It does not mean men and women are the same. It just means their rights responsibilities and opportunities should no depend on whether they are born male or female. The road to equality is a long way but we will get there gradually.

The farmer’s secret

Agriculture is the backbone of every economy. It is a tool for development which every nation needs to move e to the next level. However, the processes involved in ensuring a bountiful harvest is the farmer’s secret.
“Secret” I say because consumers do not take part in the farming activities of the farmer. We are simply there to purchase the produces when they are ready.

Regarding the fact that most local farmers are conservatives and u family with new effective farming techniques, we tend to have a look scenario where these farmers use products which they have very little knowledge about. One of these products is fertilisers. Though they help in making the farm products grow fresher and  increases the total output, unfortunately they have very a negative impact on the sales of the traders and health of consumers
On the part of the consumers, they complain of a higher rate of perishability of foods grown with fertilisers than those without. Madam Esther, a trader in the Buea Central market says it takes only about two days for a bag of carrots grown with fertiliser to rot even when exposed to fresh air meanwhile that without it can stay for about 7_9days.She also added that this has negatively affected her business as she is currently in debts coupled with the recent increase in prices of goods.



Consumers at are the risk of suffering from stomach disorders.

With this I encourage farmers to go in for better modern farming techniques such as high yielding seeds which does not only increase total output but quality of the products as well.