His Voice… Episode 3

A good friend, fear, power


When Mary got home that afternoon, everywhere was so quiet, there was nobody at home. She quickly changed her clothes and went to the kitchen. There was food in the pot.” when am done eating, I’ll just start doing my assignment “.she said to herself.
As she sat down to eat, she heard the front door close. Maybe she did not close it but what if she did?
” mom!?, mommy! Mom is that you?” she called out but she could only hear her voice echo.
There was a light breeze in the room.” someone just walked in. Am sure of that but who’s it?”she called out again but no one answered. Frightened she ran to her room and bolted the door from inside. Some many things came to her mind. Maybe it was a thief, a ghost or somebody. Somebody she didn’t know or somebody who had deliberately refused to answer her. She crawled to one corner of her room, shivering. Maybe she was daydreaming. She wanted to shout. The neighbours could hear and come to her rescue but something bid her not to.
“don’t be scared. It’s just Me, I want to be your friend. I won’t hurt you”.This time around it was so loud and clear. Someone just spoke.”Please sir, who are you? She asked in a terrified voice. “just call me Dan”, the voice replied.
OK but sir Dan, I can’t see you. Why is that? “
” I am an invisible friend, but don’t be scared. I am just here to help you. You have so many abilities that you are unaware of so, I am… “” where are you from, where is your country, are you a white man?” Mary interrupted with her questions.
“It’s OK Mary, I will tell you all about it”……..

His Voice…. Episode 2

I found myself in a very beautiful garden. The place is so out of this world. Flowers of all species , more colourful than you can think of. As I moved about, I saw animals of all kinds playing on the green fields, not hurting the other kind. Then suddenly I saw a man. He was sitting on a throne, he wore a crown and his chair sat on the clouds. He was very fair and his skin shone like light, very bright… “
” Chai!!! Mary” one of her friends interrupted.
“You are telling us a movie you watched yesterday and claim that you saw it in your dream. You don’t have magic. My elder sister told me that magic only happens in the movies. Stop lying. You don’t have superpowers .”
She felt very bad after hearing this from her best friend Marion but what could she do? She did not have any evidence. She wasn’t lying. She had actually gone into a trance when she was praying yesterday. It seemed like when she knelt down, clapped her palms, closed her eyes and started talking to God, “her eyes opened”.
It felt like she had been blind all this while but she was only a child. Was it that she was thinking of fairy land which she used to watch in the cartoons?
The bell rang and this signified that break was over. When she came back to reality, she was standing alone. Her friends had left her a while ago. They thought she was pretending of having magical powers. Mary however retired to class.
At closing time, she tried talking to Marion and the other two girls, but they ignored her so she walked home alone. While walking, she told herself that maybe all this had been a dream. After all a Class 5 pupil like her cannot be seeing things. “When I get home, I’ll tell mom when she’s helping me with my assignment. Thank God it’s Monday she’ll be back from work early”

U saved me…

From the weather that evening, I knew it was going to rain. As I got home, everybody was busy doing one thing or the order. Mom had already served my food. When I freshened up and had my meal, I decided to start devotion rather early since it was blackout. You know how fun it is when the family is together, praising God and it’s very windy outside. It feels like nature is singing along. Am sure you understand? We prayed and everybody retired to bed. It rained heavily that night with a lot of lightning and thunder.
Let me tell you a Secret ” Am so scared of lightning that when it strikes I see the bright light even in my sleep” Well! It’s no more a secret. OK back to my story.
That night,or rather towards the early hours of the morning, I had a terrible dream. Know what? I was raped in that dream and when I woke up, my pants had some blood stains. So many thoughts ran through my mind. “what if I become pregnant, what will I tell my parents, gosh! I don’t even have a boy friend” Was I being paranoid?
Maybe it’s because I had read so many spiritual books lately that I started imagining that the things “demons” do to their captives was going to happen to me. With all this running through my mind, I burst out into tears and started to pray. I prayed like I had never done in my life and before I knew it all these thoughts left me. I felt lighter and went for my Bible. Read a passage that felt like God was talking directly to me. Since then, nothing has happened to me. I don’t fall sick and in short I rarely have nightmares again. My name is Rachel and I share this testimony to make someone out there believe that all it takes is prayer. It’s the 🔑 .

His voice…. Episode 1

“I feel like am drowning in a pool of sadness and pain. In fact I feel pressured. Do u want to know the worst part of it all, I don’t have any one to confide in. There’s no one I can talk to, to air out what I have inside” Mary whispered to herself. Then suddenly she heard a voice saying “am here for you!” When she turned around she could not see anybody. In fact, she could swear that she felt a hand on her shoulder.
“Maybe am going out of my mind. O! God, help me.”
Its not the first time she had felt this way and whenever this happened she had chills running down her spine. It had happened again now what was she going to do about it. She went to bed in fear.
The next day, she tried to explain this strange voice to her mom but she just couldn’t find the right words. Her mom listened keenly but all she could tell Mary was to pray. After breakfast, Mary retired to her room and decided to have a conversation with God. After all He is her Maker and would obviously know all the solution to her problems. As she closed her eyes to pray, something amazing happened to her… (to be continued).