My pride, my mother!

The African woman, my pride my mother. No one has ever existed like you.
Bold eyes, beautiful lips, caramel skin, yam legs, curly thick hair, round buttocks like a chair. Deep in your sleep your mind is ever awake and you know the first crow of the cock. Hurrying to the gods know where?

Under the scorching sun of the earth, firewood on your head, baby on your back, sweat dripping from your face to your skin but you still look beautiful in your rainbow colored wrapper barely hanging around your chest, showing your wide back and strong arms that does all that tilling, cleaning and cooking.
Admist all these your dimpled smiles still send baby cupid to sleep. How enchanting.
How do you do it all? Acing your way through darkest nights and awful days.

They’ve brandished you as weak and the most vulnerable and only good for procreation but I don’t blame them since they only breathe sex stenched air and their judgement has been clouded by blur images of what seems to be an ostracized culture which is still firmly rooted.
It is in this light that they tell our girls to focus and learn what their mothers are teaching them. Nothing bothers them than filling their pot-bellies and ensuring a continuation of their name from age to age. No doubt they say the boy is the norm and the girl is the other.

When is our morning going to come? The only thing we can barely see is the faded image of a dawn that looks far fetched and only in our dreams. Power hungry fools have decided to stay in the clutches of ill gotten luxury, freshly baked corruption smeared with the blood of the innocent, swimming in a bowl of patriarchal juice.
They want to sink with us and take away our only source of survival- H.O.P E down with them to the abyss. Did they forget that our voices will surely reach the heavens? When that day comes like a snake waking up from hibernation, so will our morning outshine the blinding light of the sun’s rays. We will stand together, never failing, never falling. One strong family of unitied unconquerable forces with beautiful smiling faces.