I am not a kill joy but why do I become uncomfortable around people? I don’t really know why I am suddenly become too scared to talk, laugh or even smile.

I love to dance, go out with friends (that’s If I had any) but I always feel like that would wrap it all up but I do it anyways after all everybody does it. But am not “everybody

I can’t sing (chuckling… Atleast I know that very well) but I must confess music heals me.
I love to draw as much as I love to read (excluding my class notes). I am fascinated by anything artistic. I think I can smell a good work of art from afar.

I think am weird. I maybe myopic but am not shortsighted. Far from that. Looking serious all the time is my thing at least you don’t express me to be moving around with a silly smile on my face. (for what? )

I have my bad and good moments, my sunny, rainy, stormy and all other days just like you do. (so stop looking at my like that).

But still I must confess, I love life. It’s  the greatest gift, I believe one day I’ll fall love too, I have my crush (crushes_ if such a word exists), I believe in no sex before marriage (owe that to my Muslim background), am not afraid of death, (but it’s not like I want you die now) and above all, I love my Creator.

I guess these are the things that all come with being human


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