……We were seated so close to each other that I could feel the heat radiating from our bodies,
Then I took his hands into mine and intertwined our fingers cos I couldn’t bear it no more,

I must confess it felt so good, I mean really really damn good.
Then all of a sudden he removed his hands from mine. Seemed like he became conscious of our environment.

I gave him the why-did-do-that look, letting him see all the frustration on my face and I said…
“wats Ur problem??? I know there’s nothing between us but can’t u just relax and enjoy a beautiful moment like Wat we just felt????
Then I looked away wondering if he did not feel wat I felt.
Then thats when the magic happened!!

He gently took my hands in his, intertwined our fingers and looked at me. When I turned my head to look at him, my eyes met his and we were caught in something I can say was a trance. It was quiet, magical, so out of this world, something Ive never felt before…

Then suddenly I woke up and realised that it was just a dream…



I am not a kill joy but why do I become uncomfortable around people? I don’t really know why I am suddenly become too scared to talk, laugh or even smile.

I love to dance, go out with friends (that’s If I had any) but I always feel like that would wrap it all up but I do it anyways after all everybody does it. But am not “everybody

I can’t sing (chuckling… Atleast I know that very well) but I must confess music heals me.
I love to draw as much as I love to read (excluding my class notes). I am fascinated by anything artistic. I think I can smell a good work of art from afar.

I think am weird. I maybe myopic but am not shortsighted. Far from that. Looking serious all the time is my thing at least you don’t express me to be moving around with a silly smile on my face. (for what? )

I have my bad and good moments, my sunny, rainy, stormy and all other days just like you do. (so stop looking at my like that).

But still I must confess, I love life. It’s  the greatest gift, I believe one day I’ll fall love too, I have my crush (crushes_ if such a word exists), I believe in no sex before marriage (owe that to my Muslim background), am not afraid of death, (but it’s not like I want you die now) and above all, I love my Creator.

I guess these are the things that all come with being human

Fighting with myself

I’ve not written any thing for months now and I must confess I have so much to say. It’s been a long time and as usual I’ll have something to say to defend myself “I was sick and had exams to write” SO?

Am so guilty. I can feel the guilt moving up to my throat. These past months have not been easy but that does not justify what so ever reason I can advance for stopping to do one of the things that keeps me sane.

Just from reading some posts made by an amazing blogger or rather two phenomenal bloggers. I must confess it has given me the chills. Know what? I’ll start writing again. I’ll try to scribble down my thoughts everyday with the hope of getting better with time. And oh!!!! I want to thank #kamgahasablog and #lonelyblueboy. You guys rock!!!!