His Voice… Episode 3

A good friend, fear, power


When Mary got home that afternoon, everywhere was so quiet, there was nobody at home. She quickly changed her clothes and went to the kitchen. There was food in the pot.” when am done eating, I’ll just start doing my assignment “.she said to herself.
As she sat down to eat, she heard the front door close. Maybe she did not close it but what if she did?
” mom!?, mommy! Mom is that you?” she called out but she could only hear her voice echo.
There was a light breeze in the room.” someone just walked in. Am sure of that but who’s it?”she called out again but no one answered. Frightened she ran to her room and bolted the door from inside. Some many things came to her mind. Maybe it was a thief, a ghost or somebody. Somebody she didn’t know or somebody who had deliberately refused to answer her. She crawled to one corner of her room, shivering. Maybe she was daydreaming. She wanted to shout. The neighbours could hear and come to her rescue but something bid her not to.
“don’t be scared. It’s just Me, I want to be your friend. I won’t hurt you”.This time around it was so loud and clear. Someone just spoke.”Please sir, who are you? She asked in a terrified voice. “just call me Dan”, the voice replied.
OK but sir Dan, I can’t see you. Why is that? “
” I am an invisible friend, but don’t be scared. I am just here to help you. You have so many abilities that you are unaware of so, I am… “” where are you from, where is your country, are you a white man?” Mary interrupted with her questions.
“It’s OK Mary, I will tell you all about it”……..

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