U saved me…

From the weather that evening, I knew it was going to rain. As I got home, everybody was busy doing one thing or the order. Mom had already served my food. When I freshened up and had my meal, I decided to start devotion rather early since it was blackout. You know how fun it is when the family is together, praising God and it’s very windy outside. It feels like nature is singing along. Am sure you understand? We prayed and everybody retired to bed. It rained heavily that night with a lot of lightning and thunder.
Let me tell you a Secret ” Am so scared of lightning that when it strikes I see the bright light even in my sleep” Well! It’s no more a secret. OK back to my story.
That night,or rather towards the early hours of the morning, I had a terrible dream. Know what? I was raped in that dream and when I woke up, my pants had some blood stains. So many thoughts ran through my mind. “what if I become pregnant, what will I tell my parents, gosh! I don’t even have a boy friend” Was I being paranoid?
Maybe it’s because I had read so many spiritual books lately that I started imagining that the things “demons” do to their captives was going to happen to me. With all this running through my mind, I burst out into tears and started to pray. I prayed like I had never done in my life and before I knew it all these thoughts left me. I felt lighter and went for my Bible. Read a passage that felt like God was talking directly to me. Since then, nothing has happened to me. I don’t fall sick and in short I rarely have nightmares again. My name is Rachel and I share this testimony to make someone out there believe that all it takes is prayer. It’s the 🔑 .


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