His voice…. Episode 1

“I feel like am drowning in a pool of sadness and pain. In fact I feel pressured. Do u want to know the worst part of it all, I don’t have any one to confide in. There’s no one I can talk to, to air out what I have inside” Mary whispered to herself. Then suddenly she heard a voice saying “am here for you!” When she turned around she could not see anybody. In fact, she could swear that she felt a hand on her shoulder.
“Maybe am going out of my mind. O! God, help me.”
Its not the first time she had felt this way and whenever this happened she had chills running down her spine. It had happened again now what was she going to do about it. She went to bed in fear.
The next day, she tried to explain this strange voice to her mom but she just couldn’t find the right words. Her mom listened keenly but all she could tell Mary was to pray. After breakfast, Mary retired to her room and decided to have a conversation with God. After all He is her Maker and would obviously know all the solution to her problems. As she closed her eyes to pray, something amazing happened to her… (to be continued).


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