Weldone Maggi!!!!!!!!

Traders of the Buea Town market have today received new aprons as gifts from the MAGGI company which is a firm under Nestlé . This is one of the many gifts which they usually receive from the company as a token of their appreciation.
One of the peculiar reasons why they are gifted aprons, is to promote hygiene among these women. This comes as a result of their occupation which involves handling foodstuffs like potatoes, oil, tomatoes and others that have a tendency of smearing on their dresses. Fortunately, the provision of these aprons help to keep these traders looking clean after the day’



It’s not the first time they are receiving these aprons but they are so happy with the changes Maggi is making as the aprons are always fashioned to suit them as they hustle to put food on their plates.
These women equally express their loyalty and appreciation of the brand that always strives to ensure that costumers are comfortable.
Other gifts which they also receive include :Nido milk, Maggi arome, bowls, buckets and many others. All this in a bid to concur with the saying that “With Maggi, every woman is a Star”.


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