The farmer’s secret

Agriculture is the backbone of every economy. It is a tool for development which every nation needs to move e to the next level. However, the processes involved in ensuring a bountiful harvest is the farmer’s secret.
“Secret” I say because consumers do not take part in the farming activities of the farmer. We are simply there to purchase the produces when they are ready.

Regarding the fact that most local farmers are conservatives and u family with new effective farming techniques, we tend to have a look scenario where these farmers use products which they have very little knowledge about. One of these products is fertilisers. Though they help in making the farm products grow fresher and  increases the total output, unfortunately they have very a negative impact on the sales of the traders and health of consumers
On the part of the consumers, they complain of a higher rate of perishability of foods grown with fertilisers than those without. Madam Esther, a trader in the Buea Central market says it takes only about two days for a bag of carrots grown with fertiliser to rot even when exposed to fresh air meanwhile that without it can stay for about 7_9days.She also added that this has negatively affected her business as she is currently in debts coupled with the recent increase in prices of goods.



Consumers at are the risk of suffering from stomach disorders.

With this I encourage farmers to go in for better modern farming techniques such as high yielding seeds which does not only increase total output but quality of the products as well.


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