Price Wahala!!!!!!

For sometime now, the prices of foodstuffs has been on the increase. In Buea Town market for example, staple foods like garri, groundnuts, beans seems to be unaffordable as a of each now sells at 100_150frs. Most traders are unable to reasons to justify this trend.



According to some suppliers, prices have been increasing due to artificial scarcity. This arrives because of a higher demand over supply, especially with the influx of traders from other countries such as Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon.
The worst part of it all is that the prices keep on skyrocketing as a basket of tomatoes which was at 8000frs few weeks back is now at 12000frs and seems not to be dropping anytime soon.


Those concerned need to step in so that the masses can be able to afford food which they need to stay healthy because we are what we eat.


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