Switching roles….

For a long time now, feminists have raised so many issues which affect the woman and has caused her to be disadvantaged when compared to the man. Some of these issues include gender based violence, patriarchy, cultural norms and a lot more. They have pointed out that these have to be corrected so that women can have access to the opportunities and privileges that men enjoy.
It’s no news that the society considers the woman’s place to be in the kitchen, taking care of the children, doing house chores to ensure that the home is balanced and functions smoothly. Boys on the other hand are raised to perform breadwinning activities in order to provide financially for their families. So, they are made to belief that cooking is a “taboo” for them.
In today’s world this is not the case as men and women are seen to be switching roles. Women now have the opportunity to be pilots, engineers and men even take up courses to qualify as chefs. I am happy with this, reason why I wasn’t shocked when I saw this…



This is just to let all those who still strongly believe in the “boys don’t belong in the kitchen” to think twice. After all nobody was born to do a particular thing. What the society considers to be a male’s or a female’s duty(gender roles), is just a social construct and can be deconstructed.
Gender equality is a concept that has been misunderstood. It is simply the right for men and women to have a similar status, responsibilities, and participation. It does not mean men and women are the same. It just means their rights responsibilities and opportunities should no depend on whether they are born male or female. The road to equality is a long way but we will get there gradually.


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