My pride, my mother!

The African woman, my pride my mother. No one has ever existed like you.
Bold eyes, beautiful lips, caramel skin, yam legs, curly thick hair, round buttocks like a chair. Deep in your sleep your mind is ever awake and you know the first crow of the cock. Hurrying to the gods know where?

Under the scorching sun of the earth, firewood on your head, baby on your back, sweat dripping from your face to your skin but you still look beautiful in your rainbow colored wrapper barely hanging around your chest, showing your wide back and strong arms that does all that tilling, cleaning and cooking.
Admist all these your dimpled smiles still send baby cupid to sleep. How enchanting.
How do you do it all? Acing your way through darkest nights and awful days.

They’ve brandished you as weak and the most vulnerable and only good for procreation but I don’t blame them since they only breathe sex stenched air and their judgement has been clouded by blur images of what seems to be an ostracized culture which is still firmly rooted.
It is in this light that they tell our girls to focus and learn what their mothers are teaching them. Nothing bothers them than filling their pot-bellies and ensuring a continuation of their name from age to age. No doubt they say the boy is the norm and the girl is the other.

When is our morning going to come? The only thing we can barely see is the faded image of a dawn that looks far fetched and only in our dreams. Power hungry fools have decided to stay in the clutches of ill gotten luxury, freshly baked corruption smeared with the blood of the innocent, swimming in a bowl of patriarchal juice.
They want to sink with us and take away our only source of survival- H.O.P E down with them to the abyss. Did they forget that our voices will surely reach the heavens? When that day comes like a snake waking up from hibernation, so will our morning outshine the blinding light of the sun’s rays. We will stand together, never failing, never falling. One strong family of unitied unconquerable forces with beautiful smiling faces.



You’re loving

Being through thick and thin, believing.                                       

Holding hands, blushing.               

Down the sloppy road, smiling.

You’re amazing

Standing as my pillar, strengthening

A pat on my back when I need one, encouraging

A call and you’re there, available

You’re GEMINI, my twin

Smart as hell, we are

Humourous, man of the year

Rebellious, sin in the air

Sweetest but unpredictable

Mind reading, so dangerous

Loyal till the end, fabulous

Am stupid: let u go

Had too much ego

Dint think of tomorrow, only now

Accounts for why I took a bow

Can’t be sorry, deed is done

moved on, so sure

Still happiness unassured

Am sorry….

Miss my twin, please come back

Growth…can’t turn back

Clothe me in your warmth

Satisfy my every desire but not my lust

Build back the walls, also the trust

Won’t leave again, 

Without you am lost

Shout out to all Geminis but sorry they’ll never have a twin like you.

Open letter to my boyfriend.

You are my first, I’m sure you know that

Reason I wonder why you treat me like trash

Think ure doing a great job but when I think about us, I feel so odd.

Still love you, dunno why 

Cos each time we just have to try

When u’d decide to acknowledge me, adore me like a queen

Faraway, out the door. Staying away for long, by then it’ll be done.

Hurting not part of the deal

Keep my heart, protect my seal 

Swept off my feet, no longer in your seat

Fanfare, carnivals, parties for my sake cos I am now his dame

My Sister’s Love

Yeah! He hit the spot, real hard I guess….

It was the first time I got to meet him cool, calm, suave was his thing.              Dint take a minute for me to be impressed, yes! I remembered mine and was depressed.                                   Talking opened my eyes to so much, wish I were the one who hit the jackpot.                                                       My sister, Oh! My sister, I went on behalf of my sister. It was a normal day but felt like easter.                            He is in love with her, I could see it in his eyes.Damn!! Talking about her made his temperature rise.                     The most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life. At that moment, I wished my life was a lie.

Little one its okay”, so I said from within, these guys would always come in between.                                     Am super happy for her, yes for my sister. Been on her cheer team since, so much clapping almost giving me a blister.                                                      Love  like never before, walking on the beach,sand in my feet.                     Don’t take it to another place cos this right here can never be cheap.             God bless beautiful mom, she did a good job. When next I see her, amma give her my longest hug😀                                        


……We were seated so close to each other that I could feel the heat radiating from our bodies,
Then I took his hands into mine and intertwined our fingers cos I couldn’t bear it no more,

I must confess it felt so good, I mean really really damn good.
Then all of a sudden he removed his hands from mine. Seemed like he became conscious of our environment.

I gave him the why-did-do-that look, letting him see all the frustration on my face and I said…
“wats Ur problem??? I know there’s nothing between us but can’t u just relax and enjoy a beautiful moment like Wat we just felt????
Then I looked away wondering if he did not feel wat I felt.
Then thats when the magic happened!!

He gently took my hands in his, intertwined our fingers and looked at me. When I turned my head to look at him, my eyes met his and we were caught in something I can say was a trance. It was quiet, magical, so out of this world, something Ive never felt before…

Then suddenly I woke up and realised that it was just a dream…


I am not a kill joy but why do I become uncomfortable around people? I don’t really know why I am suddenly become too scared to talk, laugh or even smile.

I love to dance, go out with friends (that’s If I had any) but I always feel like that would wrap it all up but I do it anyways after all everybody does it. But am not “everybody

I can’t sing (chuckling… Atleast I know that very well) but I must confess music heals me.
I love to draw as much as I love to read (excluding my class notes). I am fascinated by anything artistic. I think I can smell a good work of art from afar.

I think am weird. I maybe myopic but am not shortsighted. Far from that. Looking serious all the time is my thing at least you don’t express me to be moving around with a silly smile on my face. (for what? )

I have my bad and good moments, my sunny, rainy, stormy and all other days just like you do. (so stop looking at my like that).

But still I must confess, I love life. It’s  the greatest gift, I believe one day I’ll fall love too, I have my crush (crushes_ if such a word exists), I believe in no sex before marriage (owe that to my Muslim background), am not afraid of death, (but it’s not like I want you die now) and above all, I love my Creator.

I guess these are the things that all come with being human

Fighting with myself

I’ve not written any thing for months now and I must confess I have so much to say. It’s been a long time and as usual I’ll have something to say to defend myself “I was sick and had exams to write” SO?

Am so guilty. I can feel the guilt moving up to my throat. These past months have not been easy but that does not justify what so ever reason I can advance for stopping to do one of the things that keeps me sane.

Just from reading some posts made by an amazing blogger or rather two phenomenal bloggers. I must confess it has given me the chills. Know what? I’ll start writing again. I’ll try to scribble down my thoughts everyday with the hope of getting better with time. And oh!!!! I want to thank #kamgahasablog and #lonelyblueboy. You guys rock!!!!